Commending The Briefing

I haven’t often voiced my thoughts in the public political discussion this directly. Based on the imminence of eternity before a holy God, my inclination as a Christian has been and is to pray for others and for myself, and to encourage faithful followers of Christ with the gospel, the greatest news in the history of mankind.

However, we must give an account for our opportunities and decisions. And because many of us have the privilege of participating in our nation’s representative government, much is at stake to consider.

For example, considering at least one clearly critical policy in his podcast today, Albert Mohler said:

“Every single human life, at every point along the continuum, under every condition, is a human life made in the image of God. . . It is our responsibility to protect, and to speak for every unborn life facing any possibility of abortion for any reason whatsoever.”

Therefore, because we share such responsibility in our government, and because he provides remarkably concise and thorough insights, I’d like to use my voice to commend publicly Al Mohler’s daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview.

Here are some notes from today’s Briefing:

“On the Republican side, three out of four of all the voters who participated in the Republican Caucuses voted for three candidates. 75.1% combined for candidates Cruz, Trump, and Rubio. Ted Cruz came out ahead with 27.7%, but Donald Trump came in with 24.3%. The astounding reset came with Marco Rubio, coming in with 23.1%. You put all that together, and once again, even as there are multiple Republican candidates, only three came out on top in terms of 75% of the vote. That’s the math that really matters. . . Neurosurgeon Ben Carson came in with 9.3%. No one else broke 5%.

Now what happens in the aftermath is that the plausibility of different directions for the Republican Party becomes more clear. There are three major trajectories. Ted Cruz represents an insurgent Conservatism. Donald Trump represents a very new kind of Populism in the Republican Party. And Marco Rubio represents a more traditional Conservative perspective.
. . .
At base, every major political contest, every major election, is a conflict, a contest, of worldviews. And at the national level, that contest is shaping up to be extremely significant. But within the two parties, within the two major political alignments in the United States, there is also a contest of worldviews. The worldviews that are now contesting for leadership of the Republican Party represent Populism versus two different brands of Conservatism. The differences on political questions between candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both sitting United States Senators, pale in comparison with the contrast between their versions of Conservatism and Donald Trump’s Populism. It is not yet clear, certainly in terms of the national equation, which direction the Republican Party will take. But on the Republican side, what is clear is this: If you take the two Republican Senators at the top, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio, last night they received together more than 50% of the entire Republican Caucus vote in Iowa. It’s shaping up to be a very interesting election as the primary season now begins with New Hampshire next week, and then South Carolina to follow.

On the Democratic side, the astounding thing is that the Democratic voters in the Caucuses split almost evenly in an incredibly close call between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Independant Senator Bernie Sanders. And on the Democratic side, you have another contest of worldviews before you ever get to the national stage. On the Democratic side, it is a choice between the establishment Liberalism of Hillary Rodham Clinton, former first lady, former Secretary of State, former United States Senator, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is an avowed Democratic Socialist.
. . .
In the first half of the New York Times Editorial Board’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, they go right at the issue of abortion. But they don’t just go at the issue of abortion; they take the issue much further. They are actually championing openly in this editorial their endorsement of Hillary Clinton, specifically because, in their words, she was ahead of Senator Sanders, in calling for a repeal of the Hyde Amendment. We need to keep in mind that the Hyde Amendment was passed by Congress and signed into law. . . an amendment that prevents Federal tax money through various Federal programs from funding abortion. And here, they have put that exactly, squarely in the center of their political bullseye. The New York Times Editor cited other reasons why the endorsed Hillary Clinton rather than Bernie Sanders, but it is really instructive to us that the issue of abortion was so front, so central, to their argument, and so extreme, in terms of actually championing Hillary Clinton for being first before Bernie Sanders to call for a repeal of the Hyde Amendment. We need to keep in mind what that would mean. That would mean that if that amendment were to be repealed, the federal government would be in the abortion business, not just funding organizations like Planned Parenthood, but actually funding abortions.
. . .
Every single human life, at every point along the continuum, under every condition, is a human life made in the image of God. . . It is our responsibility to protect, and to speak for every unborn life facing any possibility of abortion for any reason whatsoever.”
. . .

For one, I think Mohler is right that we must speak for the unborn. They cannot speak for themselves from their defenseless position in the womb. We ought not to take away from unborn babies the possibility to serve God on the earth.

“Out of the mouth of babies and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger.” – Psalm 8:2

As Charles Spurgeon said when preaching on Psalm 8:2: “I should like to have seen John Wesley, when he was a little child, on the knee of that remarkable woman, ‘the mother of the Wesleys!’ Who would have thought that he would awaken the masses as he did? Out of the mouths of little George Whitefield and little John Wesley – out of those two babes’ mouths – how grandly did the Lord smite the adversary!”

I pray for the protection of all unborn lives, including the Wesleys of future generations.

If you haven’t already, I hope you come to appreciate the depth and eternal relevance of Mohler’s analyses on current events.


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