Romantic Love Is A Wonderful Gift — And A Terrible God

Here are some good reflections from Paul Tripp to enter the weekend:

“You never get your capacity to love from the person you’re called to love. You never get your capacity to love from your spouse. You get your capacity to love at the foot of the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. You have it. It’s God’s gift of grace to you. And so you don’t need to look to the other person for what you’ve already been given in Christ.
. . .
Whatever controls my meditation will dominate my thinking and reformulate my desires, and so that’s why there’s a Biblical call to meditate on the things of the Lord, to meditate actually on God Himself.
. . .
Well, I think we were all hard-wired for eternity, and I think that means that every moment of sadness, disappointment, hurt, or fear is a cry for another, better world. Every moment of joy, happiness, and peace is a taste for another world. . . deep in the heart of human beings is a longing for paradise, and that longing for paradise is, at the center, a longing for God. I love saying this, paradise will be paradise because God will be in the middle of it, forever unchallenged. And every day, in some way, as I face the brokenness inside of me, and the brokenness outside of me, whether I know it or not, I cry out for eternity. The awes of today are drawing us toward that moment when we will live in unbroken awe of God forever and ever and ever and ever. And 10 million years into eternity, there will be no lessening of that awe.”


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