Why Would I Be Angry At God?

In a 2004 sermon, CJ Mahaney told a story about his older sister Sharon and her husband Dave. Sharon and Dave were about 50 years old with 5 children at the time the story the story took place:

“Last year, Sharon’s husband Dave was experiencing some unusual symptoms, but he wasn’t concerned. No one was alarmed. And certainly no one was expecting that after an examination and MRI, no one was expecting to hear that he had a brain tumor. It wasn’t a category we had considered in relation to the symptoms he had described. It was serious, it was large, it was aggressive, it required immediate surgery.
. . .
They could not get all of this tumor. And further tests were done then to determine the aggressive nature. There’s four categories: 1 being the least aggressive, four being the most aggressive. And I’ll never forget being in the hospital room when the surgeon came and had the difficult task of informing Sharon and Dave and the few of us who were there, that it was a category 4, which in effect, was just saying to her, ‘you’re husband’s going to die.’ Here are the options for treatment, but it is for a few months at best, in effect.
. . .
One day it was just Sharon, Dave, and [one other] relative. He was sitting on a couch at the end of the bed, and he said the following to Sharon, he said, ‘Why aren’t you angry at God?’ This relative was not a Christian. And he had no category for what he was observing. He was confronting his own mortality, his own fear of death. He is older than Dave. And he was angry at God, and he didn’t understand why she wasn’t. He had been studying her for some time, and seen a distinct absence of anger. So he said to her, ‘Why aren’t you angry at God?’ And she said the following to him, while stroking his hair, she said, ‘Why would I be angry at God? My husband deserves hell. Because of his sins, he deserves to go to hell. Yet because of the person and work of Jesus Christ on the cross for his sins, my husband is going to heaven. How could I be angry at God for forgiving my husband’s sins and taking him to heaven? This relative had no category for Sharon, no category for her example, no category for her absence of anger, and no category for the gospel. And he simply got up and left the room without a response.”


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