My Sin

I recently finished up a workout at the gym. After my final set punching and kicking the heavy bag, an older man whom I had never met asked me a question. . .

Man: “You got anyone in mind when you do that?”
Me (honestly and immediately): “My sin.”

That was the entirety of our conversation for today.

To be clear, I don’t want your “like” if you are entertained by violence for the sake of violence. I want God’s children to consider the deadly effects of our sin, and in true repentance to trust the perfect payment of our crucified, risen Redeemer.

John Owen (1613-1683) once wrote, “I do not understand how a man can be a sincere believer, unto whom sin is not the greatest burden and sorrow.” (Owen, taken from: The Works of John Owen, Volume 7, pg. 333.)


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