Thoughts for Young Men: Conclusion

Below are quotes from the Conclusion of Thoughts For Young Men by J.C. Ryle (1816-1900).

Links to highlights for the other chapters are here.

And now I hasten towards a conclusion. I have said things that perhaps many will not like, and not receive; but I appeal to your consciences, Are they not true?
. . .
A wide field of usefulness is open before you, if you are only willing to enter upon it.
. . .
There is a solid peace in feeling that God is your friend. There is a real satisfaction in knowing that however great your unworthiness, you are complete in Christ, – that you have an enduring portion, – that you have chosen that good part which shall not be taken from you.
. . .
The path of the worldly man grows darker and darker every year that he lives; – the path of the Christian is as a shining light, brighter and brighter to the very end. His sun is just rising when the sun of the worldly is setting for ever; – his best things are all beginning to blossom and bloom for ever, when those of the worldly are all slipping out of his hands, and passing away.
Young men, these things are true. Suffer the word of exhortation. Be persuaded. Take up the cross. Follow Christ. Yield yourselves unto God.

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