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Who am I?
This is Pat Schmitz writing. My primary identity, my hope for life and eternity, is in my Lord Jesus Christ. I am a sinner who deserves hell, but who has been saved by grace through the blood of Christ.

Reading Charles Spurgeon, 2015

Growing up
I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, as the sixth of eight children. I’m very thankful for my wonderful parents, siblings, and other family and friends.

“God does not look at riches, titles, learning, beauty, or anything of the kind. One thing only God does look at, and that is the immortal soul. He measures all men by one standard, one measure, one test, one criterion, and that is the state of their souls.” (J.C. Ryle, Thoughts for Young Men)

Here are the schools that I went to growing up:
Pre-K thru 5th grade: Little Flower
6th thru 8th grade: Mater Dei
High School: Georgetown Prep
College: Georgetown University. In 2012 I graduated from Georgetown, where I got a degree in business and played lacrosse.

To anyone reading, including friends from growing up, I hope that I can be helpful to you through my blog. I especially hope that my sharing and writing would stir your heart’s affections for the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and that I would see you in heaven forever redeemed in Christ, because you repented of your sin and trusted Him.

Coming to faith
“Facing Jesus when you die. If you’re ready, nothing better; if you’re not, nothing worse.” – John Piper

I put my faith in Christ while at Georgetown. I heard the gospel clearly explained on October 14th, 2010, by a friend, Elliott Daniels (assist credit goes to Dan Hostetler and FCA at Georgetown). I was convinced by God’s word and by the reality of Christ, that Jesus is who He said He is, and so I repented of my sins and trusted in Christ. Because God’s word had such an amazing impact on me – setting me free from my sin and from the coming wrath of God against sin, and giving me faith to see the glory of the grace of Christ – now I live to share this hope for the everlasting good of everyone else.

Life after college / What am I doing now?
After graduating from Georgetown in 2012, I moved to Dallas, Texas for work. There I attended the Village Church Dallas (helpful preaching by Matt Chandler). I’m thankful for the joy and encouragement from friendships with Josh Vander Hey and that homegroup. I’m glad for the fellowship of Kyler Davis and friends in their refugee ministry. I’m also grateful for the kindness and generosity of Tyler Mow and family as I moved there. After about 16 months in the Big D, I moved back to the Washington, DC area. Since autumn 2013, I’ve been living and working in the DC area, and I’ve been a church member at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

On my block on Capitol Hill
On my block on Capitol Hill, 2015

Interests / Other
I enjoy reading, playing sports, being outside, meaningful conversations, writing poetry, reading history, and most of all, getting to know Jesus every moment as the day approaches when I will see Him as He is in glory.

Why does this blog exist?
I would like to share my life. I hope this encourages you and ultimately helps you to love God and be loved by Him, for our everlasting joy.

Why “PassionSchmitz”?
When I became a Christian in college, some friends called me “Passion”. I made it my Twitter and Instagram name, and it kinda stuck, at least with some college friends. I think it’s a good reminder of both the suffering that Christ endured for my sins, and of my primary desire and passion in life, which is to know God and make Him known. To be clear, Christ not only endured the physical torment on the cross, but he also bore the righteous anger of God against all the evil that would be committed by everyone who would repent and believe in Him. What a gracious God we have!



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